Hiatus Notice

2011-03-21 14:43:14 by Oembboe

Dear Newgrounds,

I very much appreciate your feedback and appreciation of I Conquer The Land Once Again and the Fantasy XF theme. You've all been great. I had fun making these songs and I plan to make many more. However, things change. If you've noticed, most of my music has relied on simple and repetitive melodies. That's good, but "good" isn't good enough. I want to get better. I am trying to grow my musical skills by playing the music as it goes through my mind. This would be a much easier and more natural way for me to put together my songs. I would compose in a stream-of mind type of fashion just like I said I would, but there is an issue:

I have been composing all of my music on a computer keyboard. Crazy, right? This has worked well for me as I've been composing simple melodies and other stuff that isn't too complicated but as I've tried to journey into more complex melodies and have tried to add more subtle details into my music, it has become glaringly apparent to me that my computer keyboard is no longer sufficient for musical composition. I would definitely go right out and grab a full MIDI keyboard in a heartbeat, but there is one other limiting factor:

Money. MIDI keyboards are a relatively expensive luxury and sadly I do not have the funds for one right now. This means that if I want to take any sort of direction in my music, I am forced to wait until I can grab a MIDI board. Sucks, but that's the only way my musical talent will be able to grow.

I may try to compose more music until then but as a friend told me, I should always try to make my next song better than the previous one. I plan to do so, so you won't likely see anything new from me for a little while.

Sorry, folks :(

But I am continually thankful for your support and criticisms. You have no idea how much those mean to me and how much they help. Thank you :)


Great Video Game Themes You've Never Heard

2011-02-25 13:52:47 by Oembboe

Let's take a break from composing and let's look at things which inspire us (us, meaning me)! Today I am going to go back and look at some of my favorite and most inspiring video game soundtracks. We'll start with an artist I KNOW you've never heard of.

His name is St├ęphane Picq. He was a composer for the now-defunct gaming companies Exxos and Cryo. In between those two companies, he scored soundtracks for various Amiga and DOS PC games of different genres. The genres range from puzzle games, to racing games, all the way to point and click adventures. He has a certain style of taking simple, strong melodies and making them into engaging, complex, and fleshed-out tracks. He has some truly great work out there and it's a shame that most folks haven't heard of it.

This one in particular starts with a simple melody that sort of draws you into the universe the song was made for, then the song gets more pensive and complex, provoking you to reflect on the universe of which you have just been drawn into.

Disclaimer: Here's a youtube video of one of his songs. This particular version (In game version and NOT the Spice Opera version) of the song has never been released for sale and the company that made the game (Cryo) is no longer in business. I believe the assets were transferred to another company, but the in-game versions of the soundtracks were never released for sale. Another in-game version of the song is to follow.

Here is another one which starts off with a simple melody, but this one sounds more optimistic than the previous one. It sounds almost celebratory in its tone.

Despite what the link says, that is actually the PC DOS version of the game music. The Amiga version is also quite good, but in a different fashion:

That is all for now. This is only a sample of Picq's work and if you want more, you should really look him up. Trust me, you won't regret it.

It's Simplified!

2011-02-23 23:51:06 by Oembboe

I decided to take a break trying to rework some of my less inspired songs and I decided to give an overhaul to my recent title, It's Complicated. I added an intro, a drumline, and a few more instruments and HOLY COW. I have never been as happy with my work as I am now.

Without any more stalling, here's a link!
I Conquer The Land Once Again.

As always, done in Renoise + Chipsounds. The initial song was actually revived from an old song I composed a couple of years ago and never finished. It took about three days to finish. I Conquer The Land Once Again took only 2 days to compose and finish.

That's efficiency!

It's Simplified!

Fantasy XF II music UP IN THIS PIECE

2011-02-14 01:45:52 by Oembboe

Are you ready for a link?

Ya sure?



Fantasy XF II: Here We Go Again!

Good catch!

The link above is the link to the title them for Fantasy XF II, composed by Oembboe (Me!). You should have a listen. I used tools to emulate the Sega Genesis sound chip, as music from that chip is one of my main inspirations. It doesn't sound too genesis-ey, but I am happy with how it came out.

I want to make more just like it!

Speaking of genesis, here's another free Genesis game since you've been such a well behaved child.

Stay in school!

Edit: One more thing before I go: I'm sure if you're a fan of my work, you've heard of my song, Ice Cream Cream. It's one of the songs I had the most fun composing, is one of the happiest things I've made, and is the most popular Oembboe song ever, weighing in at over 600 listens at the time of this writing. Not huge, but for my current fanbase, extraordinary!

Well, when I made that song, all I had was a netbook with renoise 2.0 and some stock chip instruments loaded onto it. Now I have a much better computer with renoise 2.6 and much better instruments at my disposal. I'm also slightly better at mixing now than I was two years ago. Do you know what this means? That's right! I'm reworking it!

I'm going to attempt to elaborate more on the main rhythm and use more sophisticated chip instruments, but still maintain the happy, lollygaggy, "I'm pleasuring myself whilst covered in a blanket of puppies" feel that has made the song so popular amongst listeners.

Stay tuned for that! Also, I am still working on a follow up to The Birth Of You, complete with a better intro, a more interesting main rhythm, and some new instruments as well. It sounds similar to the old one so far, but with a few extra interesting touches. I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear it :)

That's it for now. Goodnight!

Enjoy your sega game <3

Fantasy XF II music UP IN THIS PIECE

Checking In

2011-02-04 11:54:50 by Oembboe

Time again for my daily newgrounds post! Working on like, two songs or some shit. One is new, the other is a rework of an older work. Both of them are equally boner-inducing.

Also, enjoy this FREE sega genesis game! It doesn't suck. I promise!

Checking In

I'm just kidding! My diarrhea is horrendous, but it is not... I repeat... NOT explosive.

Taking a break from composing today to get caught up on my schoolwork. Hopefully someday, I will earn a piece of paper from an institution which says that I love programming so much that I wasted an incredibly large amount of time and money just to prove that I do, in fact, love it.

See ya when I'm done!

I have horrendously explosive diarrhea

Greets Again!

2011-02-02 13:42:02 by Oembboe

Oembboe here again with more words and things! Please read at your own leisure.

Still working on The Birth Of You and a few other tracks which will make you cream your pants. Can't wait to show you when it's done! It's going to be even better than the original.

Now since we're on the subject of originals, I'm going to do something new. I'm going to post some of my personal favorite compositions, despite their critical ratings. Some of these were well received, some weren't. Rate freely and feel free to criticize!


Distance 2001 - I am very fond of this one because it takes me back so far. I really did compose this song a long-ass time ago ( though I am unsure as if it was really back in 2001 or not. It was probably more around 2003, but oh well. I couldn't be assed to change it). This song was made with nothing but a game boy camera, a 3.5mm audio cable, and some spare time. On the Game Boy Camera, you can only compose songs with 16 notes, so it was super limited. Though I use far superior tools these days, I can't help but miss all the days I've spent throwing loops together behind that dot-matrix, monochrome screen.

Footsteps (I hear Footsteps) - This is one I thought I had uploaded, but never did. Sure, it's not too significant to the outsider, but I am fascinated listening to it because the mood of it is so different from anything else I've composed since then. I think this was one of the last songs I composed on the Game Boy.

Module Revival - Now this one never fails to get my foot knocking or my head bobbing. This was a song I made in Renoise using old Amiga samples. It was actually not very hard to make. I am fond of this one because it is the longest song I've made to date and it also has a very nice beat to it. Seriously, my friends have told me that this one always gets them dancing, and I think that's a very good thing! I plan to make another song like this one day, since I've got ASSLOADS of old .Mods and .XMs I can rip sounds out of.

Between throwing loops together on a game boy to making intricate dance songs on the computer, I've enjoyed these past two years of composing. Perhaps one day, you will see me remake these rhythms into something even better than they were. Who knows? Just stay tuned.

That being said, I may not be the most popular musician on the portal, but I always appreciate my fans! Thank you for being such great listeners these past years. Now lend your ears for the next two!

Love, Oembboe (It's pronounced "Em-Bee", you jackass!)

PS: Yes, that really is Doom on the ZX spectrum.


Greets Again!

Hi you!

2011-02-01 13:23:49 by Oembboe

Greetings, denizens! I am a man of few words and prefer to blog in a glib fashion, so let me just get straight to the point:

At this moment, I am in the process of retooling a whole bunch of my old songs. Right now, I'm working on The Birth Of You with a new introduction, possibly some more instruments, and even more fun surprises! I am also making a song based off of some materials provided to me by my friend, her0n. He gave me a piece that I've been playing with, alone, in my room for the past while (I'd keep that tidbit of information on the down low if I were you).

^^That is information! You have reached demarcation of this post. Below this demarcation is even more information. You will find this information here VV !

WOMEN ON FACEBOOK: Still annoying

That is the end of this post. Please enjoy the picture and have a great day!
Love, Oembboe (It's pronounced Em-Bee, jackass!)


Hi you!

Hey you!

2011-01-28 14:24:07 by Oembboe

Don't neglect those feet
get EasyFeet!

Hey you!


2010-02-05 21:40:51 by Oembboe

I have made a couple of new songs for 2010!

Check out Module Revival and The Birth of You for instant gratification and long term entertainment!