Entry #10

Hiatus Notice

2011-03-21 14:43:14 by Oembboe

Dear Newgrounds,

I very much appreciate your feedback and appreciation of I Conquer The Land Once Again and the Fantasy XF theme. You've all been great. I had fun making these songs and I plan to make many more. However, things change. If you've noticed, most of my music has relied on simple and repetitive melodies. That's good, but "good" isn't good enough. I want to get better. I am trying to grow my musical skills by playing the music as it goes through my mind. This would be a much easier and more natural way for me to put together my songs. I would compose in a stream-of mind type of fashion just like I said I would, but there is an issue:

I have been composing all of my music on a computer keyboard. Crazy, right? This has worked well for me as I've been composing simple melodies and other stuff that isn't too complicated but as I've tried to journey into more complex melodies and have tried to add more subtle details into my music, it has become glaringly apparent to me that my computer keyboard is no longer sufficient for musical composition. I would definitely go right out and grab a full MIDI keyboard in a heartbeat, but there is one other limiting factor:

Money. MIDI keyboards are a relatively expensive luxury and sadly I do not have the funds for one right now. This means that if I want to take any sort of direction in my music, I am forced to wait until I can grab a MIDI board. Sucks, but that's the only way my musical talent will be able to grow.

I may try to compose more music until then but as a friend told me, I should always try to make my next song better than the previous one. I plan to do so, so you won't likely see anything new from me for a little while.

Sorry, folks :(

But I am continually thankful for your support and criticisms. You have no idea how much those mean to me and how much they help. Thank you :)



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